Scholarship for master thesis

I want remember you again that there are three and half months to July, 31, 2012, i.e. the deadline to submit a master thesis for the Bortolomiol Award.

I will be glad if you can consider to invite some master student of yours who has done (or is going to do) a good thesis concerning the quality white wine to apply for the Award. He/she will have the opportunity to gain an amount of 2,290.00 euros.

The prize is awarded to persons with the most exemplary Master’s diploma thesis concerning quality white wines. Areas of focus include viticulture, enology, microbiology and economics as related to quality white wines. A particular preference will be given to issues on sparkling wines.

Master theses presented and discussed in the period from June 2008 to July 2012 will be considered. (The full test about the Award is attached).

Best regards,
Luigi Galletto

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