Frequently Asked Questions

Registration fees

When is payment of fees requested ?

No payment of fees is requested from students receiving Erasmus Mundus scholarships: this amount is directly taken by SupAgro Montpellier from the Erasmus Mundus financial grant sent by the European Agency.

For other students, once an applicant has been officially selected by the Admission Board, he/she is requested to pay registration fees (1500 €) in order to confirm his/her registration.
The student is required to pay the remaining part of the annual fee at the start of the school year in mid September (2500 € for EU students / 6500 € for non-EU students). Scheduled payment of this fee may be requested on arrival, directly with the Accountancy Department. Each request will be examined accordingly.
Why different fees for EU /non-EU students ?

Vinifera EuroMaster is organized by European Universities. Costs are covered partly by students' fees, and partly by funding from EU Governments. In most countries, this funding is allocated for national or EU students, so that it is possible to reduce fees to be paid by EU students.
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