Frequently Asked Questions

Living in Montpellier

How to find housing in Montpellier ?

Vinifera EuroMaster students have priority access to the student housing on the La Gaillarde Campus: rooms or studios, everyone can find the right “home sweet home” for them and their financial means!
For students seeking independence, the city centre and rentals from private parties are another possibility.
How much are the leaving costs in Montpellier ?

Cost of living on a monthly basis is estimated as follows :
- the cheapest form of accomodation is approx. 300 € for a room and 400 € for a studio (most of the students obtained CAF subsidies from the French government to decrease the accommodation cost)
- food works out at about 120 € per month (the campus restaurant charges 3-4€ for a three course meal)


What kind of insurance are be paid in France ?

For students, National compulsory health insurance is about 250-300 € per year - the cover is 70% of all medical costs 
Housing insurance is from 3 to 4 € per month
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