Selection procedure

Legal notice: EMaVE consortium inform applicants that their personal data will be sent to the European Agency (EACEA) and may be used by other bodies involved in the management of EMJMD acting as stakeholder of the programme (i.e. European Commission, Erasmus+ national offices, EU delegations, EM Student) for facilitating the student access to the joint programme.

From 2015, according to the Erasmus+ rules, the selection process involves two categories of applicants: programme countries and partner countries.

Partner countries
Candidates from countries other than:
EU Member States
Not residing or having carried out his/her main activity (studies, work, etc.) in any EU Member State or associated country for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years at the date of the application.

Programme countries 
Nationals from EU Member States or
 FROM Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey
    For each category, the Admission Board sets up a main list and a complementary reserve list

  • Vinifera Euromaster secretariat checks if applications are acceptable (forms correctly filled out, all required documents available, admission requirements fulfilled...). Applicants may be contacted with queries during this pre-selection phase.
  • Completed applications are submitted by the secretariat to the Admissions Board of the Consortium, as soon as each application form is validated.  The Board produces a list of candidates to interview and candidates are contacted before the date of interviews.
  • The Admission Board carries out skype interviews with each shortlisted applicant on the dates that have been set.  Some interviews are held in person in the USA and in China.
  • The Admissions Board establishes a ranking, both for admission and grants.
  • The Secretariat is responsible for managing the two main lists (and related reserve lists) according to effective confirmation of registrations. E-mails are sent to applicants accordingly.
A panel of professors evaluates each application according to several criteria:
- Degree marks and university of origin
- Motivation, professional and personal career objectives
- Experience in the vine and/or wine sector
- Academic and/or professional referees

At least two professors (one in viticulture and one in Enology) evaluate each application. A global score / 300 is defined.

All the applicants with a score > 200 are invited to an interview by Skype or face to face (for USA and China).
During the interview (10 minutes maximum), a panel of at least two members of the EMaVE consortium evaluates the English level, the motivation, knowledge and communication skills of each selected applicant.
Candidates are then informed if they have been offered a place with scholarship, a place without scholarship, a place on the reserve list, or if they have not been placed on the reserve list.
According to each of these options candidates are requested to confirm their acceptance.

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