EMaVE grants

 EMaVE consortium grants

Some grants are offered to the best ranked applicants who have not been selected for Erasmus scholarships.
The amount partially covers the tuition fees for the first year of studies (M1).
Decisions are taken by the Admission Board with respect to the rule of consortium EMaVE.
The allocation of the EMaVE scholarship is made on the merit criteria and it is conditioned by the commitment to promote the program by investing in "Vinifera community management".

Batch 2011-2013 (M2): Anouk Lamoureux and Dave Natali (5,000 euros awarded)
Batch 2013-2015 (M1): Cristobal Abarzua (4,000 euros)
Batch 2015-2017 (M1): 6 scholarships has been offered to the best ranking European applicants (4000 euros)
Batch 2016-2019 (M1): up to 6 scholarships are expected as a participation to the fees.

Page updated on : 2016-05-12
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