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Other sponsors

- Professionals and sponsored students

Some Private companies or Public institutions may send some of their staff to attend Vinifera courses. Or they may offer some grants to students under given conditions. Two places are reserved for these students each year.
In any case, such applicants have to apply normally and follow the same selection process as others. They will be evaluated according to the same criteria and ranked accordingly. Finally they need to appear at least in a complementary list to be accepted

As a counterpart for this indirect support and contribution to sustainability of Vinifera EuroMaster, these companies / institutions will be recognized as "Vinifera Business sponsors".

Moreover, if the institution is a French company a part of the fees (60%) can give the benefit of tax advantage:  http://www.supagro.fr/fondation/

- National scholarships to study in France:


- National scholarships to study in Portugal (M2):

- National scholarships to study in Spain (M2)


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