Master Thesis Titles

The following table gives the titles of theses published by Vinifera EuroMaster graduates. Hard copies of a thesis can be consulted in the Montpellier SupAgro Library.  This page will have a link to the abstracts received that are not/no longer confidential.

ABARZUA  Cristobal Comparing qualitative and quantitative impacts of different Horn Silica treatments in the grapevine   2015
ABRAHAM Monika  Germany Considerations about the mechanization ability of vine trellis systems in France - A survey of and recommendations for mechanical work system   2015
ALIFRAGKIS Antonios  Greece Characterization of old Portuguese and Greek grapevine varieties using microsatellite markers.   2012
ALLEN James  USA Mapping Methodology and Relationships in Precision Viticulture   2016
ALMEIDA GARRETT Manuel  Portugal Study of the Behaviour of 7 Vineyard Plots containing Chardonnay, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot in the DOC Beira Interior   2015
AMSALEM  Dor Evaluate the potential of a new β-lyase enzyme in the release of S-volatile aromatic compounds in white and red wines  2015
ARGYROPOULOU Chloi  Greece Sustainability in Greek wineries: an exploratory research
BABOO Akshay  India A Review of the Influence of Rootstocks on the Production of Secondary Metabolites in Red Grapes   2015
BAJJALIEH Terah  USA The effect of sequential fermentation with non-Saccharomyces yeast. A comparison between natural and modern winemaking techniques of extended skin contact and oak chips.  2017
BALLESPOUEY Xavier  France Quantification of the oxidation effects and repercussion in sensorial and compositional parameters during the production process of a Chardonnay wine.   2010
BARKALI  Shaul  Israel Effect of water deficit on berry composition in vitis vinifera 'Merlot'   2015
BAZZANO Lorenza  Italy Basal leaf removal to reduce fruitset and induce smaller and looser clusters in variety Trincadeira with compact bunches   2016
BEAL Dylan  USA The epidemiology, ecology and diversity of the Flavescence dorée (FD) phytoplasma and its vector Scaphoideus titanus Ball across the Piedmont   2015
BEISCH Christine  Germany Effect of must composition and nutrient supplementation on the production of sulfur dioxide by different strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during alcoholic fermentation   2012
BERHE Dargie Tsegay  Ethiopia Phenotypic Characterization of New Grapevine Cultivars Accumulating Low Sugar during Ripening   2015
BIRKS Peter  Australia Relationships between climate indices, Phenology and berry composition of touriga Nacional in the Dão wine region   2011
BLANK Andreas  Germany Devpt of a membrane contactor for exact management of dissolved gasses in wine before bottling   2010
BLOCK Kenneth  USA Reduction of Alcohol in Base Wine for the Improvement of Sparkling Wine Quality   2017
BLOEM Meinard Jan  Netherlands Physiological responses of Vitis Vinifera L. Cv. Pinot Noir to different rootstocks   2009
BOTHA Hanneke  South Africa Agronomic and must composition response as affected by crop load on a merlot vineyard in central Spain   2013
BOU NADER Khalil  Lebanon Preliminary studies on grapevine planting age and its impact on vegetative and some generative parameters   2014
BRAUN Marie  France Study of Colloids for the Development of Alternative Adjuvants in ordre to optimise Wine Stabilisation   2010
BREVET Xavier  France The Analysis of the Bargaining Power of Argentinian Wineries with their International Intermediaries   2014
CANALS-SOTILLO Clara  Spain Sauvignon Blanc: Differences within the Marlborough Region   2009
CECCHI Riccardo  Italy Tuscan wine tourism: analysis and formulation of a consistent business strategy for a winery in San Gimignano   2017
CHATZIVARYTI Chloi  Greece Characterization of the susceptibility of the vineyard of Château Margaux to the main fungal-like and fungal diseases   2015
CHRIST Eva  Germany Export Strategy for the Market Entry of Companhia das Lezírias in Germany   2017
COBB Frederic  UK Effect of irrigation on berry quality and skin cell wall composition in the grape varieties Touriga Nacional and Trincadeira   2012
COLE Jason  USA The assessment of water stress for irrigation management in Tempranillo grown in Southern Oregon   2012
CORAZZOLA Alessandro  Italy Quantification of condensed tannins in red wines by fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy (ftir)   2012
CORDERO Iris  Mexico Impact of Canopy Manipulation on Grapevine Physiology and Carbon re-allocation   2013
COSTE Amaury  France Development of a new wine tasting method based on emotional response   2015
COTEA Victor  Croatia The management of volatile acidity with membrane technologies in must and wine   2014
CRANDLES Molly  Canada The influence of transportation conditions on white still and sparkling wine   2015
CURLEY Roisin  Ireland A comparative study of the quantitative and qualitative impacts of different viticulture methods (Biodynamic, Organic and Conventional) on the vine and finished wine   2012
DENIS Joanna  France Epidemiologic study of resistant varieties of vines to downy and powdery mildiou   2018
DESURMONT Gaspar-Emmanuel  France How to produce a sustainable Brazilian wine
DHOOPATI Shruthi  USA Viticultural Soils of Foothill and Mountain Areas: Piemonte and Aosta Valley (NW Italy) and Piedmont and Appalachians of Western North Carolina (SE USA)  2016
DIEZ ZAMUDIO Francisco  Chile Economic-Financial analysis from the wine industry in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León   2015
DOBESBERGER Magdalena  Austria Investigation on the formation of volatile sulphur compounds leading to reductive off-flavors in wines   2015
DU Xiaowen  China Analysis of Chinese Consumers’ Online Wine Purchasing Behaviour on Wine E-commerce Retailing   2017
ECHEVERRIA Natalia  Chile Dissolved oxygen at bottling and the interest of inerting with nitrogen   2016
ELLIS Natalie  USA English wine and the United Kingdom market
ENCINAS HERRANDO Jordi  Spain Enological approaches for the prevention of the light-struck taste in white wines   2015
FERRAN-BATTLO Isabel  Spain Application of US in different steps of winemaking   2011
FERRE BORONAT Nuria  Spain Effect of size, toasting degree and time of extraction on the volatile composition of a model wine solution treated with American oak chips   2017
FORTUNATO Alessio  Italy Market analysis of the Italian Wine in the Chinese Wine Market   2013
GALICIA HERNANDEZ Stefanie  Mexico Analysis of Mexican Consumer Behaviour on Wine   2015
GEORGILAS Athanasios  Greece Protein fining agents and their influence on the anthocyanins profile   2012
GERMAIN Brittany-Ann


Effect of micro-oxygenation on the phenolic and sensory characteristics of Merlot Wine: Determination of the impact of micro-oxygenation on color, flavor and aroma composition of British Columbia Merlot Wines from 2009 and 2009   2011
GIL-ALBARELLOS Javier  Spain Brand positioning for a private mulled wine producer in the Rheinhessen
GODINHO GONÇALVES FRAZÃO Leonor  Portugal Water Management in Sustainable Wineries   2016
GRABOVAC Nikola  Croatia Impact of various winemaking techniques on antioxidant capacity, vasodilatory effect and organoleptic quality of wine   2014
GRANS Catherina  Germany Tractors and horses in Viticulture - Research on soil, grapes, must and labor   2016
GÜLÇUBUK Isik  Turkey Selection of Saccharomyces strains for over-lees ageing of red wine and influence of the grape variety on its use   2012
GUNDOGDU Utku  Turkey Application of ecoclimatic indicators to analyse the quantity and quality feasibility of wine grape production in Vaucluse department - France   2015
HAINES Martina  Canada The use of carbon isotope discrimination measured in juice as indicator of grapevine genotype responses to seasonal variation in soil water availability   2017
HAO Ya'nan  China Managing carbohydrate balance during berry development to optimise berry composition and wine quality in a changing climate   2012
HEIMANN Zoltan  Hungary Development of the Grape Variety Blaufränkisch in its three main Production Countries: Austria, Hungary and Germany, Regarding Viticulture, Enology and Marketing Aspects   2013
HENDRIKX-GEORGIUS Kimberly  USA The influence of selected non-saccharomyces yeast strains used in sequential inoculations on fermentation and fermentative by-products in Riesling wine   2011
HENSCHKE Johann  Australia Impact of various canopy defoliation and anti-transpirant treatments on fruit saturation in grapevines   2011
HERNANDEZ RUFS Jose Ignacio  Chile Production of yeast autolysates by dynamic high pressure treatment
HERRMANN Lukas  Germany Effects of must turbidity on fermentative aroma development in Sauvignon blanc   2016
HEYNS Andries Dirk Michiel  South Africa The impact of viticulture trellis systems and lateral removal influence on berry composition and wine quality   2010
HURLEY Alex  Australia Starmerella bacillaris - Saccharomyces cerevisiae mixed fermentations: effect on chemical and aromatic parameters of the final wine.   2018
IMAMBAKAS Marlène  France Biodiversity of yeast in vineyards during the vegetation period
IOANNIDOU Danai  Greece Outcomes of post-fermentation extended maceration for tannin composition of red wines made from Tempranillo vineyards of South Eastern Australia   2012
IVIT Nedret Neslihan  Turkey Effect of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in second fermentation and ageing for sparkling wine production.   2015
JOYCE David  UK Characterisation of Grapevine Chlorosis   2016
KACHURINA Anastasia  Russia Analyzing the internet positioning of Czech and Austrian wineries   2013
 Greece Analysis of the image and possibilities of Greek wine in the German market   2014
KESKIN Mehmet Yigit  Turkey Volatile phenols production by Dekkera bruxellensis   2012
KEY Courtney  USA Marketing Bag-in-Tube Wine to the United States Consumer   2011
KHAIRNAR Kaushal  India The Effect of Different Organic Amendments on Soil Quality, Vines Growth, Grape Production and Wine Quality of Mechanically Pruned Vineyards   2014
KHITARISHVILI Ana  Georgia Characterization of Kakheti Region Wines from Georgian Indigenous Vine Variety 'Spaeravi'   2015
KÖHR Christopher  Germany Family firm identity in the wine industry - A comparative study of Australian, Italian and German wineries   2015
KOKOVIC Jelena  Serbia Microbiological and chemical characterization of Picolit wine
Retsina - analysing the market possibilities of an old brand in Greece
KOSTO Noga  Israel Effect of additional exogenous lees of non-Saccharomyces yeast in second fermentation and aging for sparkling wine production   2017
KULKARNI Priyanka  India Use of Non Saccharomyces yeast strains coupled with ultrasound treatments as a novel technique to accelerate aging over lees of red wines and its repercussion in sensorial parameters   2014
LANÚS Augustín Lucas  Argentina
Comparison of different vinification techniques to produce a Medoc wine by spontaneous fermentation   2012
LAUMAIN Cyrille  France The use of permanent cover crop on the whole surface of the vineyard's soil: an alternative to the use of herbicides   2010
LAVOIE-LAMOUREUX Anouk  Canada Rootstock influence on stomatal response to drought in grapevine: a meta-analysis   2014
LEAHY Marc  Ireland Impact of early fruit-zone leaf removal on grapevine development and fruit quality in Vitis vinifera ‘Merlot’   2012
Evaluation of Nanofiltration membranes for the production of a de-alcoholized beverage at 0;5% (V/V)   2010
LESEFKO Stephen  USA Grapevine Bud Fruitfulness in Vitis vinifera L. cv. ‘Shiraz’ and ‘Semillon’ Under Different Canopy Management Practices in South Australia   2016
LI Tingting  China Comparing qualitative and quantitative impacts of different treatments with Horn Silica in grapevine   2016
LIN Lin  China Comparison between different techniques of drying grapes for the production of special wines named "sfursat" by Avanà, Chatus and Nebbiolo grapes   2013
LIU Lan  China Novel techniques to accelerate lees ageing process   2012
LIZEE Marion  France Antioxidant capacity of sulfur dioxide in model wine solution: a comparison with complementary wine additives   2013
LÖHR Alexander  Germany Marketing Analysis of Spanish wine on the German market   2011
LORENZ Stephanie  Germany Tannin interaction changes in berry exocarp during its development and ripening   2012
LUNDSTROM Dylan  USA Effects of Vineyard Deficit Irrigation on Berry Composition and
Yield during 2014 California Drought
LUO Yuchen  China Exporting chilean wine to China from small and medium enterprises: challenges, strategies and prospection   2015
LYNN Danielle  USA The Evolution of Wine after Packaging with an Emphasis on the Level of Oxygen Exposure   2014
MA Jie  China The Analysis of Corporate Communication of Chinese Wineries   2014
MA Zhongli  China Comparison between mechanical and manual leaf removal on fruit quality at harvest   2016
MANATAKI Chrysi  Greece Changes in wine perception induced by food: influence of physiological and psychological factors   2017
MANGILI ANDRÉ Erika  Brazil Wine in Brazil and Italy: a comparison between legislation and other mechanisms of official control   2016
MAZOU Athanasia  Greece Ageing of white wine in barrel and on the lees   2017
McCALLUM Michael  USA Evaluation of Carcavelos Fortified Wine Aged in Portuguese (Quercus pyrenaica) and French (Quercus robur) Oak at Medium and High Toast.   2017
MEKONNEN Elias  Ethiopia Identification of the impact of yeast derived fractions on the colloidal stability of white and rosé wines   2016
MELO Maria Susete  Portugal Berry size implications for phenolic composition and wine quality of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Syrah.   2011
MENDOZA HUALLANCA Viera  Peru Influences of Leaf removal on yield and fruit composition in var. Syrah   2016
MAVRIKOU Ioanna  Greece  Interferents in condensed tannins quantification by the vanillin essay   2012
MORE Shraddha  India Influence of method of production, different yeast and ageing duration of the German sparkling wine on foam and bubble behaviour and its characteristics   2017
MORELLO Alessandro
Influence of pH and temperature on metatartaric acid efficiency in white wine tartaric stabilization   2012
MYLONA Aikaterini  Greece Use of Schizosaccharomyces strains in Wine Fermentation
NATALI David  USA Use of FDR sensors and lysimeters to monitor water use in potted Merlot grapevines (Vitis vinifera) under different irrigation levels   2014
NIDA Robert  USA Application of high pressure technologies in over lees ageing of red wines and repercussions on sensorial parameters   2010
NIGG Matthias  Liechtenstein Comparative analysis of polyphenolic compounds in selected grape varieties of northern Italy   2016
NIKIFORIDIS Nikolaos  Greece Evaluation of different tannins in various commercial enological tannins and their effects when added to wine   2010
NOSAL Leandro  Argentina The effect of different levels of sulfur dioxide on the population dynamics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in spontaneous fermentation of red wine.   2015
NTANOS Kostantinos  Greece Reduction of 4-ethylphenol concentration in red wines using yeast biomasses as bioabsorbent: influence in anthocyanin concentration and chromatic parameters   2010
PÀL Dorottya  Hungary The epidemiology and ecology of the Bois Noir disease in Eger: Tuf gene based molecular characterisation of ’Candidatus Phytoplasma solani’   2016
PÁEZ Mariana  Argentina Radical scavenging activity and oxygen consumption of different oenological products and additives   2012
PARRA CORRAL Ana Fernanda  Mexico Projection of a new world winery: Terroir and market analysis in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico   2016
PARSEGHYAN Artem  Armenia Comparative analysis of volatile compound formation by different mixed yeast clultures   2013
PASCH Ludwig  Germany The effect of leaf area/ fruit weight ratios on fruit quality and performance of grapevine (Vitis vinifera cv. Pinot Noir)   2014
PATISTIS Andreas  Greece Contribution of each major wine phenolic family to the polyphenols index (IPT) evaluation   2012
PAVLOVA Aneliya  Bulgaria Efficacy of insecticides against different developmental stages of the spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii Matsumura   2015
PECERIC Tatjana  Serbia Levi Project - establishing a vineyard inside a greenhouse at the 68th latitude   2012
PENG Jinyi  China Business match level of exporters and importers in chinese sparkling wine market : A comparison between first tier cities and second tier cities   2016
PEZZIN Paolo  Italy Reduction of 4-ethylphenol concentration in red wines using yeast biomasses as bioabsorbent: influence in anthocyanin concentration and chromatic parameters   2010
PHINOPOULOS Viktor  Cyprus Estimation of leaf area in grapevine cv Syrah using empirical models
PFISTER Lucas  Germany Effect of canopy management practices - Hedging vs curling shoot tips - on growth, yield and fruit composition of Merlot grapevines   2011
PIXNER Konrad  Italy Analysis of Parameters to challenge Fundamental Principles in Viticulture   2011
PITTARI Elisabetta  Italy Comparison between six different Carboxymethylcelluloses used as enological products for the tartaric stabilization of red wines   2016
PORTUGAL RAMOS Joao  Spain The effect of Post Véraison Water Deficit Irrigation in temperate-hot climate regions   2014
PRADHAN Aneep  Canada Evaluating the importance and effectiveness of word-of-mouth in consumer wine purchase decisions   2015
PREDIC Marina  Serbia The Effect of Subjective and Objective Tasting Descriptors on Tasting Sheet Room Sales in New York State   2013
ROBINSON Alanna  USA Which proteins in sparkling wine contribute to bubble and foam quality parameters?   2017
ROGERSON Thomas  Portugal/UK Semi Minimal Pruned Hedge: Impact on Vegetative and Generative Parameters   2014
An Analysis of the Significance of Wine Architecture from Wine Consumers' and Professionals' Perspective   2012
QUEITSCH (married SADDES) Catharina  Germany The influence of vine water status and soil characteristics on the phenolic ripeness of Vitis vinifera cultivar Pinot noir: Comparison of two different Terroirs at the Côte de Nuit / Burgundy with different planting densities   2012
RAJAGOPALAN Aniruddha  India Influence of Malolactic Fermentation on Sensory Perception of Bottle Fermented Riesling Sparkling wine   2016
RAJORIA Abhay  India Partial analytical characterization of enological inactive yeast product and their impact on sulphur compound of wine   2011
RAMOS João  Portugal Impact of semi- minimal pruned hedge system on vegetative and generative parameters   2013
RIENTH Markus  Germany Microwine reproductive and vegetative development   2011
RISSE Paul-André  France Modelling fermentation behaviour of Candida zemplinina   2014
RESHEF Noam  Israel Alcohol Management of Fine Wines   2012
ROGERSON Thomas  Portugal Semi Minimal Pruned Hedge: Impact on Vegetative and Generative Parameters
ROMERO PONCE Maria Teresa  Chile Use of aerial image (UAV) for the schedule of irrigation in terrace vineyards   2017
RUIZ MARIÑO Ulisses  Mexico Decision tool comparison based on evapotranspiration, soil, and plant water content to determine vineyard water requirement and improve irrigation strategies for white winegrape production   2014
SAMARA Olympia  Greece The impact of climate change on organic viticulture: A literature review   2013
SANCHEZ Gregory  USA Effect of several vegetal fining agents for the red wines stabilization: effect on chemical parameters, tannins, and on overall sensory characteristics.   2017
SAYAS RIVERA Martin de Jesus  Mexico A study of objective and subjective knowledge of organic wine in France   2016
SCHELESKI Olaf  Germany Determining the main factors of grape ripening dynamics   2013
SCHEMBARI Brad  USA Effect of several vegetal fining agents for the red wines stabilization: effect on chemical parameters, tannins, and on overall sensory characteristics.   2016
SCHEURER Simon  Germany Impact on fruit quality through various leaf area to fruit modifications in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Riesling   2010
SCHMITT Matthias  Germany Alcohol Management - Reducing the Alcohol Content of Wine   2010
SCOTT Francis Linnville  USA Washington State Riesling: A survey of viticultural and enological techniques impacting typicity   2010
SIREN Kimmo  Finland Chemical and Sensory Analysis of Typical Riesling from Washington State and Rheingau   2014
SKOUTELAS Dimitrios  Greece Assimilable nitrogen of vine grapes: Validation and comparison of formol and FTIR method   2010
SOKOLSKY Tamar  Israel The effect of row orientation and leaf removal on vegetative and qualitative parameters of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sauvignon Blanc   2017
STÖBER Vanessa  Germany Impact of different viticultural management systems on vegetative growth (Vitis vinifera cv. Riesling)   2011
SUKKI Atte  Finland Saccharomyces cerevisiae – Starmerella bacillaris mixed fermentations for white wine production   2016
SULENSKI Kaitlyn  USA Aromatic characterisation of two sicilian varieties, Catarratto and Grillo, and the effects of air and CO2 on thiol precursors   2015
TABIS OGORKA Agata  Poland Accumulation of some health important phenolics in relation to sugar content in some Vitis Vinifera varieties   2010
TARASOV Andrii  Ukraine Application of ecoclimatic indicators to analyse the quantity and quality feasibility of wine grape production in Vaucluse department-France.   2015
TEJERO PÁRAMO Miguel  Spain Agronomical effects of mechanical box pruning in CV Merlot in the central area of Spain   2016
TERBLANCHE Etienne  South Africa Aroma precursors in Vitis Vinifera L. cv. Viognier B. as influenced by training system and grapevine water status.   2012
THOMPSON Nicolette  USA Calibration and development of a model to forecast phenology and grape maturation for six grapevine varietals in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region   2017
TIFFÁN Zsolt  Hungary Quantifying the effects of canopy structure and management on fruiting zone and canopy light exposure in vertically trained grapevines   2017
TIKHONENKO Olga  Russia The possibility of reducing alcohol degree in wine: experience in the production of red wines   2016
TODOROVIC Dijana  Serbia Characterization of colmated wine cork stoppers   2012
TOFTERUP Jonas  Denmark Evaluating the impact of Torulaspora delbrueckii on malolactic fermentation and wine aroma   2012
TOMIC Bosko  Serbia Influence of base wine with extended maceration on sparkling wine organoleptic properties   2016
TRAVERSO Vincent  USA A rosé by any other name: entering the American rosé market with the intent to lend it a new vocabulary   2016
TRIJSBURG Jean-Paul  Netherlands Relationships between drought and hydraulic architecture  of field-grown Vitis vinifera L. cultivars   2009
TSOURNAVA Effrosyni  Greece Research into the definition of the profile of German white wine in the UK-Respositioning Riesling in the U   2011
TULLBERG Tobias  Sweden A study of the composition of polysaccharides of oak and their sensorial effects on wine   2015
UROSEVIC Jasmina  Serbia A comparative evaluation of theO2 consumption rate of wood tannins and other tannins, as well as modification of the polyturisations degree of grape proanthocyanidines   2017
VALAYER Mareva  France An approach to segmenting wine consumers for the Villa Oeiras brand for the United States market   2017
VAN WYK Jos  South Africa Canopy management practices to reduce the velocity of berry maturation in order to synchronize technological and phenolic ripeness in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Merlot, growing in Mediterranean climate conditions   2015
VASSEUR Marguerite


Comparison of conventional and biodynamic viticulture in the Margaux appellation   2012
VERGARA Diego  Chile Study of the response of a wide range of grape varieties to climate changes in Bordeaux   2014
VERDUGO MONTORO Javier  Spain Performance of Pinot Noir under mechanical canopy management in southern San Joaquin Valley of California   2010
VERVAINIOTI Panagoula  Greece Writing a business plan for a small family-owned winery in Greece   2018
WALKER Georgia  Australia Strategic Analysis of International Wine Bar concepts with the intention to develop an individual strategic approach.   2014
WALSH-KEMMIS Gerard  Ireland A market analysis of German wine in the Irish wine sector   2011
WEBER Michael Hermann  Germany Influence of the row orientation on the berry temperature and the berry compounds   2011
WEBER-WITT Manuella  Brazil/Italy Allergic potential of wine fining material from animal proteins: milk and egg   2009
WENDEL Jörg  Germany Influence of climate change on cost structure of two simulated wineries in Germany   2013
WILKINSON Georgina  South Africa Perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of wine consumers: a cross-cultural comparison between South Africa and Italy   2016
WINKLER Tobias  Germany Empirical model for grape vine leaf area estimation on cv. Trincadeira   2016
YENER Fatih  Turkey Characterization of Several Z. bailii and Z. rouxii Strains   2015
YU Qian  China The analysis of corporate design of Chinese wineries   2014
ZHANG Lei  China Service Quality Assessment for a Business-to-Business Wine Exhibition (Vinitaly) and Maketing Strategies of Italian Wine Recommended by Chinese Delegates   2018
ZHANG Li  China Impacts of natural yield variances on wine composition and sensory quality of Vitis vinifera cvs. Riesling and Cabernet franc   2013
ZHANG Longjiao  China Interactive effects of leaf and shoot removal on flavonoid composition of Merlot   2017
ZHOU Xiaoran  China Kinetic model of secondary aroma compounds synthesis in wine alcohol fermentation   2014
ZHOU Xinjie  China  Evaluation of the impact of biodynamic practices on the physiology of the vine   2017

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