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Welcome to Polytechnic University of Madrid, College of Agriculture

Founded in 1855 the College of  Agriculture is the oldest Spanish college created for providing technical manpower and doing so, improving the Spanish agriculture. In 1966 the merger of all the colleges in engineering enabled the creation of the Polytechnic Institute for Higher Education. A decade later, it became the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the largest of the Spanish technical universities, with more than 3000 faculty members and around 6000 postgraduates students. UPM's schools cover the wide range of all engineering disciplines, including Agronomy. The faculty of Agronomy (E.T.S.I. Agronomos in Spanish) is located at the center of the campus in the urban district of Madrid, three kilometers away from the city center.

Metro and buses will bring students to their favourite lecture hall in less than 15 minutes! Combining study and cultural activities on the same spot, that's possible at the UPM campus. Students will be able to attend concerts at the Auditorio Nacional, as well as jazz workshops. 
Madrid is not only a place to study it's also a way of life to discover. Museums, art galleries, food, you won't have enough of your stay to enjoy the spanish way of life!

For more information about student life, accommodation, visa, visit international students page of UPM website

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