Tuition fees

From 2018, the Vinifera Euromaster won't be able to offer any Erasmus+ scholarships, after 8 years of support from the European Agency.

Fees for 2018 entry are from 4500 to 9000 euros / year according to your student status:

--> 4500 euros for students from a "programme country" 
(European countries + Turkey + FYROM + Iceland + Liechtenstein and Norway)

--> 9000 euros for students from a "partner country"
(all the others countries) 

Partial EMaVE scholarships will be offered to the best applicants and are open to any category of student.
The full amount and number of scholarships will be decided at a later date.  You are automatically considered for these and do not need to apply separately for them.

Template of the Student Agreement (example for Erasmus+ scholarship holder, batch 2017-2019)

Page updated on : 2017-12-01
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