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Bordeaux Sciences Agro

Welcome to Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France


Bordeaux Science Agro, high school of education and research, nested in a green environment campus over 17 hectares, offers all the very modern facilities to every student.
Bordeaux Sciences Agro, so easy to memorize for its connections with the most famous wine region in France (about 116.160 hectares) and without doubt in the world, Bordeaux’s vineyard! Have a look at this map and you’ll see the beat of the well-known claret.

Bordeaux is not only famous for its fantastic wine, but also for its port on the Garonne river. The Port of the Moon, newly inscribeb on the UNESCO World Heritage  list sites for its "outstanding urban and architectural ensemble" created in the 18th century,  represents a testimony of its original functions since its creation. Exchange and commerce, two main activities which lead Bordeaux since two centuries! In other words, international students coming to Bordeaux to carry out Vinifera EuroMaster, will immediately feel at ease in this melting pots of humanism and culture.

Page updated on : 2017-06-07
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