Tuition fees conditions

The tuition fees include

  • the registration in the two host institutions (M1 and M2),
  • general administrative costs,
  • travel costs for field visits,
  • language training during 1st year : elementary French language tuition (during one semester), and a preparatory course for the language spoken in the second hosting country,
  • tasting sessions,
  • course support hands outs,

The tuition fees do not include

  • living expenses, approximatively 700 € per month
  • transportation costs to/from and within Europe
  • Health insurance
  • administrative fees to defend the master thesis in Lisboa (this part of the fees is waived for scholarship holders).

Payment of the registration fees

Fees are to be paid annually: 4,500 to 9,000 € each year according to student status (programme country or partner country)
For the first year, the first installment corresponds to registration fees : 1 500 € . It is due after reception of the pre-registration certificate. The remaining part of the annual fee are due at the start of the school year, ie mid-September.

Payment in instalments may be requested on arrival in Montpellier, directly to the Accountancy Department. Each request will be examined accordingly.

Page updated on : 2017-09-15
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