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Universities of Udine, Padova, Verona

Welcome to the Universities of Udine, Padova and Verona
partners of the Vinifera EuroMaster


All the students attending Vinifera EuroMaster courses have to choose their second year (M2) in a university partner of the EMaVE consortium, the "pillar" of this training course. At the universities of Verona, Padova and Udine, the specialised degree course in vine and wine production and marketing (180 ECTS) completes the training in this area provided by the 1st level degrees in:
  • Vine and Wine Science and Technologies (inter-university course run by Verona and Padova Universities, in Verona),
  • Vine and Wine Science and Technologies (Padova University, in Conegliano (TV),
  • Vine and Wine Growing (Udine University, in Udine),
  • Vine and Wine Growing (inter-university course run by Udine and Trento Universities, in Trento)
Below, you'll find the links which can help you to read more about the modules proposed in each unversity:
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